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E-Commerce Campaigns

$952,000+ In Sales At
An ROI Of 1900%


App Installs

538,000+ Installs
For $0.09/install



1300+ Leads for
$0.29 Each

An average rate of $2-3 per lead. For comparison, the average cost per lead for B2B Industry is $43 (Source: Hubspot [3]) & the average bid for a click (not lead) on Facebook for U.S.A is $3.50+


Web Traffic

42,000+ Website Clicks
From U.S.A @ 0.14/Click

(Facebook Suggested cost per click
for same demographic – $4.00+)


Page Likes

300,000+ Page Likes
@ $0.03/Like

Not only this, I have
helped other
entrepreneurs, business
& internet marketers
achieve jaw-dropping
results that have set records for Facebook advertising
worldwide for over 4+

Records Setting results

P.S. if you can achieve better result than this, I will immediately send you $500 in your Paypal account**

Paid Boostings of A FACEBOOK Post

per engagement

(like, shares, comments etc on the post)

P.S. if you can achieve better result than this, i will immediately send you $500 in your Paypal account**

Non-incentivisedAPP Installs

per mobile app install

If you had to do a Google search for 'buying' installs. Even fake installs would be 12X the above cost.

Video Views From a

Captivated Audience

$0.001 per view

Laser TargettedWeb Traffic

* For comparison, the highest CPC for a keyword on Google Adwords is $217 [1] and average is $1-2 per click for 2015 [2]. Even in the screenshot, you can see that Facebook wanted me to pay 72500%-179000% more than what i paid for it...

What is the Offer?

I am offering an all-inclusive Facebook Ad Management service for your business.

In this service, I handle everything related to the ad campaign including but not limited to...

  • Ad images & videos
  • Ad copywriting (headline, post text, descriptions, domain captions, image captions etc.)
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign setup
  • Campaign management
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Strategy Planning
  • Scroll down and learn more about all the above points in detail...


I have helped a lot of
people here with
successful campaigns.
This is what they said
about the service...

Original review link: http://bit.ly/BigBuddy-Abradabra
Original review link: http://bit.ly/knall-Abradabra
Original review link: http://bit.ly/killbillkuni-Abradabra

Want to see more
reviews? Check out the
link given at the end of
this post...

This is how can help you make more $$$

Now you can concentrate on the core part of your business & leave the marketing to me.
With my extensive knowledge of running 1000+ Facebook campaigns over the past 3 years, I can help you to...

  • Build an active & loyal community with 1000s of real & targeted Page Likes from potential
    for a fraction of your current costs.
  • Generate massive amounts of real, targeted & conversion focussed Traffic to your site from people ready to engage with your product/service.
  • Generate widespread awareness about your business in your local area.
  • Generate millions of likes/comments/shares on your Facebook post from people interested in your content, page and business .
  • Have your video viewed by millions of Facebook users
  • Retarget users that watched your video
  • Retarget users that did not convert the last time they visited your website.
  • Generate high quality, pre-qualified & extremely HOT leads that you can convert ohh so easily!
  • Send piping hot customers... credit card in hand...ready to buy your products & services to your web-sites.

...and a lot more...The possibilities are endless...

What is the process?

Service Ordered

Facebook Access


Market Research

Creative designing


Targeting & Campaign Setup


Daily Optimisation

Daily Monitoring


Create Update

Ad Copy Update

Targeting Update

Has the best & lowest cost possible been achieved?



Campaign is
100% optimised

End of Service

What i Need to Get Started

  • I need you to
    Answer a 15 min
  • Give me access
    to your Facebook
  • That is it.
    YES, THAT's ALL!!

Why Me?

  • EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE Other advertising agencies will charge you a min. $X,XXX per month with an even bigger minimum ad spend to start with. I dont have any minimum spend requirement or high startup costs.
  • A DONE FOR YOU SERVICE Other services will ask you to provide the ad copies, images and everything in between which isn't possible for an average person looking to get started with Facebook ads. I take care of everything. The only thing then I need from you is access to your acxcount.
  • 100% TRANSPARENCY It can get frustating when you pay someone & you do not get what you anticipated. With me, what you see is what you get. Terms of service& refund policy are given in simple to understand bullet points. There is an extensive FAQ section to clear all your doubts. There are no hidden fees.You will know everything you will get before paying me a single penny.
  • DON'T WAIT FOR SEO TO WORK Results form SEO can take a very long time to start making you any money. With Facebook Ads, You can see results immediately. Even the cost is far less than PAID GOOGLE ADS.
  • WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SUPPORT Nothing more disappointing then a service without a friendly, fast, responsive after-sales support. I reply almost instantly to your e-mails & chat requests. Even questions that require an elaborate explanation are answerd within 24 hours.
    I'll even help you with tips for improving your landing pages, Facebookpages, websites etc I AM WITH YOU ALL THE WAY TILL THE END...

A Snapshot of an impressed client

Choose a plan...

* One-time if you decide to abandon the service after the first 28 days or after the initial budget is spent. Refer to FAQs below for ongoing management

Discounted Add-ons

1/3 Day (s) Rush Delivery

USD299 / USD99


(2-6 Additional Campaigns)

USD1794 USD249
USD2094 USD299




  • What is optimisation?

    Optimisation broadly refers
    to finding out the best per-
    forming ads & weeding out
    the inferior ones.
    A couple of examples: 1. If an ad has spent $0.XX
    but has not got any clicks, it is paused
    2. If an ad has got a CPA of
    $X.XX which is higher than
    the desired CPA, it can be paused.
    3. If an ad has a bad CTR of 0.XXX%.
    4. If we bid X.XX per CPA, but
    the ads do not run due to
    low bids. In this case, the bid
    is increasedtt
    5. One ad set is giving a CPA
    of $0.XX and other is giving a
    CPA of $X.XX. Then the
    second ad set is paused.
    6.If an ad or campaign has
    achieved target CPA yester-
    day, the budget is increased
    for that ad and campaign
    7. Budget Allocation to
    higher performing ad sets in
    a campaign

  • What is the difference between the two plans?

    The major difference be-
    tween the Starter & Ad-
    vanced Plan is monitoring,
    optimisation & support.

    Starter Package gives you a campaign which you can run on your own.
    Advanced Package takes it forward & includes manage-
    ment as well.

    So, if you can manage the campaigns yourself, go for the Starter Package...
    If you want to relax & let somebody handle everything, choose the
    Advanced Package...
  • Do you offer a trial?

    A trial isn’t offered. However, you can start with a budget of $1/day.

  • Is this legal?

    Ohh YES. It is 100% legal & white-hat. All Facebook guidelines are followed.

  • Do I have to give you my account login?

    NO. You just need to add me as a Partner using my Facebook ID or e-mail.

    This allows me access to run the ads only. I have no access to your personal details like messages, chats, friends or anything else not related to the business side of Facebook.

  • Is the ad spend included in the fees?

    NO. You pay for the ad spend directly to Facebook.

  • What is the money back guarantee?

    Please refer to http://prakhargupta.net/guarantee for more details on the terms of service & refund policy

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    I accept Paypal, Bitcoin & Bank Transfer.

  • Do I need any prior knowledge of running Facebook ads or Facebook?

    NO. You need not even have a Facebook account to get started with the service.

  • Do you have a monthly plan?

    YES. YES. Monthly management follows the same pricing structure as the Advanced Package.


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